Our Mission

Our Plan

In 2023 and 2024 we want to focus on supporting (1) a savings and credit project in Uganda (maximum EUR 100,000 and possibly in collaboration with the Grameen Foundation), in the north of the country where there are many refugees, (2) a revolving fund for agri inputs for smallholder farmers in Burundi (maximum EUR 40,000) and (3) for innovation studies in Rwanda, DRCongo and Tanzania. In these three countries, the potential appears to be great to set up a start-up project in the relatively short term and thus to contribute to Financial and Social Inclusion here as well.

Projects and Impacts

Who are we?

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Jori Langwerde

Jori has seven years of work experience, dedicated to deploying the use of digital solutions for smallholder farmers. She is specialised in sustainable agriculture, Monitoring & Evaluation, and user feedback analysis. She holds a Master’s degree at VU University Amsterdam with an external master thesis at Wageningen University & Research. She has years of experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, working and living in Burundi, Tanzania, and Ghana.


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Cornelis Heesbeen

Cornelis Heesbeen has more than 40 years work experience, 7 years in Finance in Developing countries, 17 years in Information Technology with companies like Airport Schiphol, SAP and i2Technologies, 17 years in accounting. He created AUXFIN INTERNATIONAL in 2013.


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Marco Van Andel

Marco van Andel has more than 25 years work experience, 15 years in Finance in Developing countries, most notably in Mozambique and Senegal, and 10 years in Insurance. Marco holds a degree in Business Administration for the Financial Sector of Free University of Amsterdam and a Master in Development Economics from Sussex.


Funding and Tenders

The board of AUXFIN FOUNDATION will manage the assets of the foundation, the objective is to make the obtained funds available per calendar year for the execution of Financial and Social Inclusion projects by means of the systems UMVA, AUX-EL, the digital coaches and building of IT infrastructure. AUXFIN FOUNDATION will control the expenditure of the projects by means of required reports and external audits.

Plans are made every year with a focus on specific countries, target groups and technology. Various methods are provided:

  1. Innovation calls, with 50% co-financing for smaller studies
  2. Tender process for start up projects (<50,000 members)
  3. Tender projects for scaling up projects (>50,000 members), including the tenders in 2 and 3 have co-financing in principle of 50%, but the 50% can be deviated from depending on the project's objectives.

Plan 2023

The board does not receive any compensation for its activities.